Second Week My Lecture Day

This is second week in my campus life. It’s quite fun, but also a mess sometimes. The first event in my first week is Hello Goodbye. It’s kind of event where all IKMI’s member (Ikatan Kekeluargaan Mahasiswa Prodi Inggris) welcome us as new student and say goodbye to 2010’s generation which has graduated this year. In this event we have to give a performance. So, before the day we all practice together. The performance that we perform is drama musical which describe our senior’s journey from begin as new student till they graduate.

And the second week I join the Olimpiade Budaya 2014’s committee. I accepted in Secretariate Division. I hope I can manage my time for that. Aaamiiin.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have 6 subjects in this semester. It’s not much, isn’t it? But it’s not make I’m lazy or you know just play around in campus. I’ve got some lecturer, which is good anyway. But, I don’t know what happens next, if they are true ‘good lecturer’ or just ‘good’ at the beginning. I’ve got some assignment too, but it’s not a matter. I doing that well. But, my weakness in ‘listening’. You know, in Listening class I’m very unconfidence because my skill is lower than the others. Huh, maybe I shoul have exercise or something like that.

But, so far, I’m happy doing all of this.


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