Arsip Bulanan: Mei 2015

A glimpse of dream that I still remember makes me contemplated. I don’t know how it means because dream is a deep mystery in our brain..and heart.

I contemplated..

was thinking hard,



I wonder, why we are in the same place?

Who is him? That oriental face cannot begone.

And.. why I did that?

ugh, I hate this confusion.

And.. how strange that I was thinking about her too.


Why I still care with such person like that!?


contemplating.. till gone.

I feel it has already over, however..

the bond is still exist.


Postponed Confession #1

I don’t know when or why, this feeling grew unconsciously. It just happened. Nevertheless, I knew that you were in to her. Your beautiful darling.

I dreamed about you several months ago, it almost a year. Strange dreams that you were hold my hands tightly. Even we haven’t know each other, even I don’t have something for you ath the beginning the dreams was like an omen. Maybe..

I can still remember how your warm and soft your palm is. I still remember, all to well. It drives me crazy. It’s just only dream. What did I expect from dream?! How can you imagine!


We fight a lot. ‘Fight’ that always makes me smile. And I don’t know there’s something beneath your eyes. It makes me relax and calm. Maybe it is peace.

Maybe you don’t know how I care about you,but it’s fine. That’s my point, instead.

However, I’m glad. The day when you lend me your earphone is unforgettable for me.


“Hello~ Anybody has earphones? Can I borrow??”




*sit down and sighed*




“You said, you wannna borrow earphones?”


Sisik Sisik Busuk

Sisik sisik memuakkan

Meresahkan lapisan derma

Hanyut saja..

Dibanding menipu belang

Hijau matanya mengkilat, menusuk jelma yang dihadap

Menjungkir setiap detik waktu, mengering kan air di cekungan



Busuk kau membelesak ke perut itu!

Tidakkah kau mencium bau itu?

Busuk kau membelesak ke perut itu!

Aroma hina yang pada dirimu.

–Sudah lama tidak post, aku rindu–

Depok, 13.00, hari yang panas menyengat.