A Glimpse of The Production and Reception of Culture

“Kata siapa anak sastra cuma belajar sastra dan grammar?”

Wednesday, 16th December

Our topic today is about The Production and Reception of Culture. The class began with Mr. Junaedi’s review about encoding-decoding theory from Stuart Hall. Then the presentation began and all students in the class focus on the presentation. After the presentation ended, there is one question inside my head: are we manipulated by media?

Research on the production and reception theory covers many fields, such as mass communications, film and television studies, and sociology. In today’s lecture, mass media were highlighted most that the others. New technologies, such as television, radio, cinema, make people somewhat more stupid by the encoder (or the elites who able to manage the information that we got in the media). This is called hypodermic model.

I think we often experienced this. Our information “menu” are being controlled so that we don’t know what we supposed to know. A little bit confusing, but I think it’s the truth.  The media, nowadays, seemed bias and depends on its owners ideology. The owners, of course, the are rich and may think, “I can do anything with money.” When I was in Mata Najwa training for journalist, I was told by the instructor that “The owner is our God, so we must follow him. There’s no other best alternative.” From that on, I became apathetic with media, and I thought that I live with many lies and tricks on TV, newspaper, radio, even Internet. I just know that media cannot provide people what to think, but what to think about. In other words, media leads people’s perspective and narrowed people’s chance to choose what information they can get. In the production theory, it is called the agenda settings.

The spiral of silence proves that people became more stupid these days. It is  a variation  of agenda settings that describe fear being isolated among people. Once a particular issue appears, people who have opposition to that issue tend to keep silent. Ironic. Indirectly, people are were creating their own cowardice and resist from their own idea. What a world. Mass media sounds like political gun to influence innocent people with artificial truth. Media ara creating a lot of unidentified ‘hoax’ message to its audience and make them stupid when the audience give such a big response to it.

Life sometimes cruel, but it is not always be. I knew that there are both flaws and beauty in human life. Honesty and lies sometimes go together. Maybe I shouldn’t be apathetical anymore because it will never resolve the problem. To be more critical is the key to filter our information from the media that we often encounter in everyday lives.


–This is my reflective journal in Introduction to to Research Theory and Methods class–


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