Let’s be Humanized!

Everything seems different in the third term in college. In this term, I learnt a lot about life lessons during the lectures. Because I was majoring science when I was in high school, I had never learnt about human studies, such as sociology or anthropology. However, now, I study culture, literature, and philosophy. Of course, it is because I’m a student of faculty of humanities. Somehow, by attending so many lectures that I took for this term, I began to think reflectively about us as human. Then one question appear: Are we machines or humans?

I’ve been wondering about this issue during this term. Maybe this is not what people think or most of students think these days, but suddenly the question appear in the middle of Research Methods class. The lecturer, Mr.Junaedi, said that we are modern people. We want everything fast, we want everything instant, we want do things with less effort, and we want to make everything to be practical and efficient. In addition, we also spend more time in the outdoor rather than in our houses. Now, we are busy with ourselves and pay less attention to our families. What do you think? Are those represents you?

For me, I am. Home is not like home anymore. Nowadays, home is just a dwelling not a house. Look at the apartments that are built around us. Houses are replaced by simple compartments whose price are high. Less windows, no terrace, no backyard, functional design, and all the elements of a house seem decreased.

Inevitable, in this millennium era invented technology becomes part of our life. Indirectly, internet and smartphones are our ‘God’ in everyday life. Most of modern people use smartphone to communicate and make our job done faster. In addition, there are many applications, such as social media and games are invented. However, those applications —unconsciously— are distracting us. For example, some people tend to care their cyber life rather than their real life. The more we get in touch in Internet make us isolated. As a result, we are likely to be machines without feeling. Like robots, even zombies.

By writing this journal, I don’t mean to preach or teach. I know that we as humans both have flaws and beauty in the same time.  Overall, I just want to say: Let’s be humanized!


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