THESIS: The rural area, instead of the urban area, needs significant development in terms of economy, health, education, and infrastructure.

  • Topic Sentence: The rural-centric development can decrease the number of urbanization that has been exploded lately.
  1. City would not be crowded
  2. Rural area can be center of activities
  3. Development creates balanced population between cities and villages
  • Topic Sentence: In addition, this kind of development encourages rural area hidden potentials.
  1. Development creates assessment of the village itself
  2. Each village has its uniqueness to be highlighted (in terms of economy or tourism)
  3. Self-supporting village may be established
  • Topic Sentence: The rural-centric development provides a new opportunity to increase people’s welfare who are located in remoted area.
  1. Development provides job vacancy to people around villages and remote area
  2. Decrease unemployment in rural area

Concluding Sentence: From the explanations above, Indonesia needs to enhance rural areas for equitable development through its archipelago.


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