Wrap- Up

YES! 4th Term is over!!!

It’s been  a loooooong time since my last post. This term is SO TIRING TERM. Well, each term is tiring, but this term really made significant improvement in my life.

4th term really made my term! From many new experience I had until falling in love again. I’m not sure this time I really DID fall for someone, but.. as I’ve said before, this term is really different to the previous terms I’ve ever had.

This term I have new organization activity in Student Cooperative or known as KOPMA. In this coop I’ve learnt  a lot, I gained  a lot, I made mistakes a lot. However, it’s fine, cause I’m enjoying it (though it was tough sometimes). I also traveled a lot. I’m still doing the volunteering project though it’s not long, but those activities really boosted my confidence for the first time in my college life.Automatically, I made friends a lot. Not only in my faculty, but in the university scale even with other universities. Somewhat it makes me really happy although it was not really a big thing for having  a lot of friends for certain people.

I also apply for K2N UI for my short course, and I got location in Lebak Regency, Banten Province. K2N UI made me busy with all the assignments I got, but it’s exciting though. My perspective about the world is changed because of K2N UI. Well.. one of them. Many new experience I got from joining K2N. I could know many friends from other faculties, I could know how to do rapeling, what is it like to meet KOPASSUS, What is it like to touch a cobra, and the most important thing is how to engaged with community that we would face later.

Although I’m tired, and I don’t know the result of my GP in this term, I absolutely DID NOT REGRET what I’ve done. I think Mr. Anies baswedan right about “learning in class is not enough”and it must be really unlucky to study in university without taking risk to join other activities outside the class.

YOSH! New short term will begin next month, and I MUST prepare it well. GANBATTE!




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