Contemplating My Major

“Why I took English Major?”

The question has been quivering inside my head lately. After doing Community Outreach in a month, I learned lots of thing. One of them is the need to find my future career.

“What do I want to be?”

Another question appeared.

Then I remained silent through the days. I don’t know it’s too late or not, but I became worry thinking this matter. Through this two years, I’ve never ever been sure of what will I do next in post-university life. I think I have some good skills in teaching, but I want more than that. I want more than teaching.

I also want to travel, meeting other people, gaining new experience, volunteer to a community. Yes! There are many to-do lists in my mind!

Okay, I’ve already taken English Major, so what’s next?

“Why I study language?”

At some point, I think I am interested in linguistics field. In my opinion, linguistics is an unique science. There are not much numbers in there, which I really love to study, and I can explore and imagine the possibility of languages can do. However, new questions appear.

“Do I want to be a linguist?”

Inside of my heart I want answer a “yes”, but I started to think, “Does a linguist make money?”

Frankly, money is important in certain condition in our life. But, do I need money so much? Everybody needs money, of course, and some of them decide to search for money through all their lives. I know this sounds sooo idealistic or maybe not realistic, but I don’t really think that I live to search money.

Then my answer came to me as easy I went to an exhibition in a gallery in Jakarta a couple of days ago. It says like this.


I found a reason, finally. From now on, I want to make the world more civilized. Not a whole world, but a small world that I live in: INDONESIA.

I don’t know since when I became love my own country (like really love!), but in my perspective somebody has to serve this nation sincerely. And I think I have that tendency.

Through Linguistics and Literature, I hope or I will begin my service to this beautiful country, my parents, and my one and only: Allah SWT.



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