Arsip Bulanan: Maret 2017

An Apology to All Classmates

Hello, guys. I don’t know if you reading this or not, but I just want to say something that I just realized these days that I just have to:


Yes, I finally said that.  Maybe some of you don’t understand or the reason why I do this, but I’m saying to all of you whose hearts have been irritated or hurt due to all my “bitchiness” after three years we have been together. Yes, you, 2014 Eng Dept students.

I know I’ve never been a good classmate to all of you. I was too serious, rigid, and nerd most of the time. Sometimes, I did face threatening act to you (unconsciously and consciously). I asked too much question in the class. Or maybe some of you think that I’m too active in the class in order to get an  A every time. Lanjutkan membaca An Apology to All Classmates