Playing Happiness

Every day I see people’s Instagram feed one by one. Every day I see their happiness through it.

However, is that happiness real?

For the first time of my life, I stopped being naïve and try to look beyond things. I’ve read a post in my LINE’s timeline about several personal disorders of Instagram users. Well it’s not serious illness, though, but trivial matters which change the way we live and see the world. The post said that most of Instagram users are addicted to posting, especially in Instagram Story. At first, I just thought it is human nature that we want to be acknowledged by others, but Instagram, in a way, makes people want to brag more about themselves. Of course, including me.

I have a friend from university who “maintains” her Instagram account very well. Whenever she is sad or happy, she always posts something positive about her in Instagram. On one hand, she “brands” her account successfully to inspire others. On the other hand, is she able to be honest with herself?

It’s kind of two sides of a coin, though.

I know maybe I am judging her way too much, but I think that most of people do these days.

Sometimes I see some people are competing through Instagram, such as how many prestigious events they have attended, how many beautiful places they’ve been to, or how many friends they’ve taken photo with. The world seems blurry. It’s so utopian.

People are happy. Everything is alright.

Though we can play our happiness—and that’s our rights too—, I don’t think we have to lie to ourselves anymore.

P.S It’s just an opinion, tho.


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