What Makes Us Successful?

Lately, I’ve been told by my Aunt that our physical manner, such as the way we walk, our gesture, and our posture, determine our success in the future. Is that really so?

Of course, I’m not a successful person yet. Everyone has his/her definition about success it self, and I’m sure you guys have one too. Being successful can be being independent, and could do something you like and earn from it. However, being succesful for me means to be helpful for many people around me. I want to be helpful for others and I want my work could bring advantages for other people. That’s what I call a success. Therefore, communication is important in order me to gain my goal.

Moreover, lately I’ve met many different people, especially during my internship. For me, other people are our battleground that must we handle, whether they are kind or not. As I person who’s not good into interpersonal communication, I find it not easy to have good connection with others, but I think I’ve made it. Many people, though I’ve only met them for a day, started to recognize my name and of course myself. I think my superiors in my office recognized me well, too. Although I’m not “a famous friend”, but still I think I could manage to interact with others comfortably.

For me the way we treat others is very important in our society. We should treat other people just like how we want to be treated by others. That is the most important lesson that I’ve learned for past 6 months in 2018. You know, I wasn’t a sensible person, and I used to think of me, me, and myself. Now, I start to think differently. Because of what? When we treat other people nicely and they find it comfortable to interact with us, they’ll respect us as human. Although we may not carry the same opinion about something, the way we deliver it to other people define ourselves. When people start to recognize us, people acknowledge us. When people acknowledge us, they gave their respect, and maybe they may give some recommendations related to work or our interests.

That’s how it works.

I was told by my Aunt that I should fix the way I walk, my sitting posture, or even my standing posture, the way I eat, etc. However, as far as I concern, my acquaintances and friends don’t really bother by it. I mean, I could place myself so well whether I’m  with my frends, my superior, lecturers, or the elderly. For example, I could act like a moron in front of my friends, but trying to be as polite as possible in front of the elders. Of course, in front of my family too, I act differently.

So far, I’ve always been a person who always to improve myself in ever second I live in. But, to fix something that is already embodied in me, I cannot do that. I don’t want to be somebody else that I don’t know. I want to live as myself. Yeah, some people fake themselves tho, and I don’t wanna be one of them. We have each other’s mask in certain occassion, but that doesn’t mean to wear a mask which is the opposite of yourself.

In this millennial era, many people are judging. People spread hate easily. They usually hide between those keyboards/keypads and cursing with no mercy. This culture is not healthy for our mental state. So, we have to be tactful to filter other people’s judgments, or we ended up hating ourselves for the mistakes that we didn’t commit.

Human cannot be perfect. We can’t be. Back to the question above, do our physical manner influence our future success?

Not always.

I think what’s more crucial is to be the best of you in front of others without being someone you don’t know.

Some people may adore us, and some may hate us. It’s their choices, not our mistakes. In my view, by being the best of ourselves, the best people will also follow behind us.

P.S: Yeash, I’m talking gibberish. Sorry for that


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