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Things Happened in 2018

After 4 years struggling, finally I could add something after my name: Shafira Linda Rahmani, S.Hum.

I don’t understand things happened so fast. I mean, it feels like a few weeks ago I got accepted in my university. And now, I’m officially become…… a full time unemployed. LOL.

Anyway, so many things happened this year. And I’ve grown a lot too (not physically of course). Actually, earlier in January I made several goals for this year. They are:

  1. Get an Internship in one of the ministries in Indonesia
  2. Pass Thesis Defense with an A
  3. Graduated with Cum Laude
  4. Involve in a Conference
  5. Find the true passion of my life

Strangely it happened one by one, especially the last one just came true a few weeks ago. Lanjutkan membaca Things Happened in 2018


What Makes Us Successful?

Lately, I’ve been told by my Aunt that our physical manner, such as the way we walk, our gesture, and our posture, determine our success in the future. Is that really so?

Of course, I’m not a successful person yet. Everyone has his/her definition about success it self, and I’m sure you guys have one too. Being successful can be being independent, and could do something you like and earn from it. However, being succesful for me means to be helpful for many people around me. I want to be helpful for others and I want my work could bring advantages for other people. That’s what I call a success. Therefore, communication is important in order me to gain my goal.

Moreover, lately I’ve met many different people, especially during my internship. For me, other people are our battleground that must we handle, whether they are kind or not. As I person who’s not good into interpersonal communication, I find it not easy to have good connection with others, but I think I’ve made it. Many people, though I’ve only met them for a day, started to recognize my name and of course myself. I think my superiors in my office recognized me well, too. Although I’m not “a famous friend”, but still I think I could manage to interact with others comfortably.

For me the way we treat others is very important in our society. We should treat other people just like how we want to be treated by others. That is the most important lesson that I’ve learned for past 6 months in 2018. You know, I wasn’t a sensible person, and I used to think of me, me, and myself. Now, I start to think differently. Because of what? When we treat other people nicely and they find it comfortable to interact with us, they’ll respect us as human. Although we may not carry the same opinion about something, the way we deliver it to other people define ourselves. When people start to recognize us, people acknowledge us. When people acknowledge us, they gave their respect, and maybe they may give some recommendations related to work or our interests.

That’s how it works.

I was told by my Aunt that I should fix the way I walk, my sitting posture, or even my standing posture, the way I eat, etc. However, as far as I concern, my acquaintances and friends don’t really bother by it. I mean, I could place myself so well whether I’m  with my frends, my superior, lecturers, or the elderly. For example, I could act like a moron in front of my friends, but trying to be as polite as possible in front of the elders. Of course, in front of my family too, I act differently.

So far, I’ve always been a person who always to improve myself in ever second I live in. But, to fix something that is already embodied in me, I cannot do that. I don’t want to be somebody else that I don’t know. I want to live as myself. Yeah, some people fake themselves tho, and I don’t wanna be one of them. We have each other’s mask in certain occassion, but that doesn’t mean to wear a mask which is the opposite of yourself.

In this millennial era, many people are judging. People spread hate easily. They usually hide between those keyboards/keypads and cursing with no mercy. This culture is not healthy for our mental state. So, we have to be tactful to filter other people’s judgments, or we ended up hating ourselves for the mistakes that we didn’t commit.

Human cannot be perfect. We can’t be. Back to the question above, do our physical manner influence our future success?

Not always.

I think what’s more crucial is to be the best of you in front of others without being someone you don’t know.

Some people may adore us, and some may hate us. It’s their choices, not our mistakes. In my view, by being the best of ourselves, the best people will also follow behind us.

P.S: Yeash, I’m talking gibberish. Sorry for that

Gak Punya Mimpi atau Cita-cita yang Pasti?

Halo! Kembali lagi bersama Fira.

Hari ini edisinya pakai bahasa Indonesia santai supaya bisa dipahami oleh semua kalangan termasuk adik-adik SMP atau SMA yang masih bingung memilih jurusan kedepannya. Mungkin tulisan ini akan membahas capaian-capaian apa yang aku dapetin selama ini, jadi mohon maaf apabila kesannya bragging atau menyombongkan diri, tapi sumpah bukan itu niatannya. Ini hanya sekedar berbagi saja.

Nah, di sini ada gak sih yang masih takut dengan masa depan? Bingung gatau mau kemana arah hidupnya? Mau ngambil jurusan apa?

Aku juga pernah mengalami hal seperti itu, malah mungkin masih. Cuma kadarnya gak terlalu intens kaya waktu SMA dulu.

Memang rasanya itu kaya.. hm.. i will describe it like floating. Ya, ngambang. Gatau gimana kedepannya. Kepala itu isinya sama keragu-raguan sama ketakutan yang sebenernya gak penting dan berlebihan. But, that’s okay. We have been there to take a little step higher. Jadi, gak usah khawatir bagi teman-teman yang masih bingung. Perasaan ini merupakan proses, jadi nikmati aja ya.

Sebenarnya, aku merasa beruntung karena dari kecil anaknya BM (Banyak Mau). Ingin jadi dokter lah, jadi insinyur lah, petani, sampai jadi pujangga. Dan pada akhirnya nyemplung ke jurusan Sastra Inggris. Mungkin semesta mengizinkanku menjadi pujangga?

Nah, bagaimana kalau teman-teman yang sama sekali gak kepikiran maunya apa, atau cita-citanya jadi apa? Pasti segalanya jadi serba tidak pasti, kan? Sebenernya, teman-teman gak usah terlalu overthinking kok.  Aku di sini gak akan maksa teman-teman untuk menemukan mimpi sesegera mungkin karena passion itu pasti akan tumbuh sendiri seiring dengan pengalaman-pengalaman yang teman-teman dapetin. Karena solusinya bener-bener sederhana. Mungkin ini akan terlihat klise, tapi menurutku make sense juga sih. Kuncinya yaitu: Lanjutkan membaca Gak Punya Mimpi atau Cita-cita yang Pasti?

Why K-Pop, lately?

Hello, readers!

It’s been a while. Lately, I’m busy with internship and writing my thesis. I want to post some more, but I just find the occasion seems right now. Now, I want to share my story about loving into K-Pop lately.

Actually, I’ve watched K-Drama since I was in the 6th grade before K-Pop became widely global. When I was in my Junior High School, I also love Shinee and Super Junior, but it’s just for the sake following the trend, so it’s just actually a form of fear of missig out (FOMO) rather than actually fell into K-Pop.

When I was in high school, I did not particularly like any boyband or girlband. I just listen to them because the music is good. Back then I just love CNBLUE, a Korean band which consists of 4 handsome boys (but with really good music taste!). However, they haven’t produced any song again, so yeah, I don’t follow them anymore.

Now I’m a college student, and I find it being a fangirl is so waste of time because I’ve got so many activities to take care of. My love for K-Pop began in 2017 when a boyband named EXO released a song titled “Ko Ko Bop.” Honestly, I like them because of one of the members named Kyung Soo (his stage name is D.O). Why? Simply because he’s cute and the shortest of the group (somehow, I can relate to him for always being the shortest among others, so yeah). 2017 is actually a very hard year for me due to many difficult times I faced in this year, so I think I need to find an escape from reality, so I decided to become a fangirl. Some people think that being a fangirl is rubbish and considered as “having-no-life people”, but in my case, being a fangirl gives me so much motivation and energy. If your days aren’t good enough, just by watching your fav idols then suddenly your mood can be fixed. So simple life.  Lanjutkan membaca Why K-Pop, lately?

Be Yourself Myth

“Just be yourself!”

We’ve heard that often, right? People sometimes keep telling us to be ourselves and not worry about other’s perception. They say to be the real ourselves to be successful or to be someone who is–let’s say–original. However, is that possible to be ourselves?

Do people allow us to do so? Do we allow ourselves to do so?

In fact, as humans we have norms as our social control. This fact leads that we cannot be anything we like in this world. Yes, because we are within the social system. Well, if you live inside the jungle alone only with the animals, you have to follow their rules.

In our life, we have been led by our surroundings to these that. For example, when we decide to take major in schools and universities, we are supported by our parents or friends. Ah, I knew. Some of you think that your decision is based on your willing, but still, those are influenced by your social life and your habits. What makes you have personal habits? Yup, your environment again.

When I was a teen, I believe in that “Be Yourself” myth. I struggled to be myself because I want to be a unique person unlike anybody else. But yeah, just like my previous post before about a quote in Despicable Me 3, “Sometimes in life, you want a unicorn, but you got a goat instead.” When I was in school, I tried to be someone just like I want. You know, being an A student  and sometimes a teacher’s pet. I don’t really like to hang out either. I spent my time with writing poems and fictions or reading books. I became a nerd who is not likrable by others. Even until now, I’m still that nerd who keeps being hated by her classmates. People called me “Ambis” as I was labelled ambitious by my friends. Then I started to hate myself for being “by myself” just like people told me.

You know, sometimes that “be yourself” thing is just a myth as a defense mechanism for some people who are very very strived to reach their dreams. 

In fact, by being ourselves, we have to risk ourselves to be hated by others, even by our closest people just like family and friends. AND, I feel that there is a time who urge me to be somebody else rather than be myself. You know why? Because it seems safer to be somebody else rather than BE OURSELVES.

This identity issue started to raise again in my fourth college year. I want to end my college life by doing anything I want first. I hate to finish my study early than others, but the reality demands me to finish my study early. 

You know, life is always like number 8. It has ‘curly’ side that seems too hard to go through. It has crossing path where we have to choose to be someone that represent ourselves the most and someone that we barely even knew.

At this point, I felt the universe gambles with us. Whether we are stronger than he was expected, or he was right.  (?)

The question mark still remain in my mind.

Despicable Me 3 dan Pesan Tersembunyi

Kemarin saya menonton film Despicable Me 3. Saya termasuk salah satu orang yang sangat menunggu-menunggu film ini sejak tahun lalu. Sebelum film ini rilis, saya sudah menonton trailernya dan sangat berharap banyak dari film ini. Daan…

film ini dibawah ekspektasi saya. Saya berharap film ini akan lebih seru dan lucu daripada seri-seri sebelumnya. Namun, saya pikir saya telah overrated film Despicable Me 3 ini. Lanjutkan membaca Despicable Me 3 dan Pesan Tersembunyi

Playing Happiness

Every day I see people’s Instagram feed one by one. Every day I see their happiness through it.

However, is that happiness real?

For the first time of my life, I stopped being naïve and try to look beyond things. I’ve read a post in my LINE’s timeline about several personal disorders of Instagram users. Well it’s not serious illness, though, but trivial matters which change the way we live and see the world. The post said that most of Instagram users are addicted to posting, especially in Instagram Story. At first, I just thought it is human nature that we want to be acknowledged by others, but Instagram, in a way, makes people want to brag more about themselves. Of course, including me.

I have a friend from university who “maintains” her Instagram account very well. Whenever she is sad or happy, she always posts something positive about her in Instagram. On one hand, she “brands” her account successfully to inspire others. On the other hand, is she able to be honest with herself?

It’s kind of two sides of a coin, though.

I know maybe I am judging her way too much, but I think that most of people do these days.

Sometimes I see some people are competing through Instagram, such as how many prestigious events they have attended, how many beautiful places they’ve been to, or how many friends they’ve taken photo with. The world seems blurry. It’s so utopian.

People are happy. Everything is alright.

Though we can play our happiness—and that’s our rights too—, I don’t think we have to lie to ourselves anymore.

P.S It’s just an opinion, tho.

English as a Global Lingua Franca

Lingua franca is a language that is agreed to use by multilingual societies in order to communicate with each other. According to Wardhaugh, most of people uses Greek or Latin as the lingua franca all over the world in the past, especially in Europe (2010). However, in the present day English appears to be a lingua franca due to its speakers which are 80% of the world’s population (both native and non-native speakers). In the contemporary era, English does not only belong its native speakers, but it has belonged to global population. In my perspective, English as a lingua franca has played important role in the process of globalization and educational development.

English as one of globalization agent is seen in how English works as a medium connecting people around the world to conduct trading, travelling, and international relations. It is used to break social and linguistics inequalities. For example, the European Union (EU) uses English as one of official languages in its the general assembly. Not only in Europe, English also widespread in the Maple country Canada though its first language is French. Mr. Diding once said that most of young people in Canada use English in daily conversation more often than French. Another example can be found in U.S and Native American (Indian) government congress in using English as official language between them. Although in postcolonial angle it can be seen that English as a heritage from colonialism between the U.S and the Native American society, the use of English in their bilateral relationship can be perceived as a form of social and linguistics equality. In addition, English now appears as a cyber lingua franca on the Internet. Since Internet break the boundary of region around the world, English has been the major language used by netizens to communicate and trade. Many forums on the internet use English as the lingua franca for the users come from different countries which speak different languages. As the online shopping spread around the world through E-Bay, Alibaba, or Amazon, netizens also start to conduct business with people from different countries.

In the scope of education, English has been the language of education in most of countries. In educational scope, standard English is even highly respected and evokes certain kind of intelligent for its speakers. As a lingua franca, English plays a significant role in multilingual education. Student exchange program, for instance, required English proficiency test certificate to allow the participants join the program even though the involved countries do not speak English as the official language. Interestingly, in more recent cases, English in the education is not only respected as a global language, but also glocal language. Wardhaugh said that glocal means global and local. Therefore, English aslo blends with native society, for example like Singaporean English which has been used in  most education institution in Singapore for the last decade.

In brief,  English  has  been  a  global  lingua  franca  as  a  tool  for  real  or  cyber

communication and developing global education.

Perempuan, Percakapan, dan Kamu

Minggu lalu aku menghadiri kelas Sosiolinguistik dengan topik mengenai bahasa dan gender.

Para sosiolinguistik mengatakan bahwa perempuan adalah si subordinate ketika mereka melakukan percakapan dengan para pria.

Sontak aku mengerutkan keningku dalam. Tidak setuju.

Namun, aku ingat percakapanku denganmu.

Ketika kamu yang mendominasi.

Ketika aku diam, dan kau menertawakan.

Ketika aku bercakap banyak, namun kau memandangku seperti itu.

Lalu aku ciut.

Pada akhirnya aku mengakui inferioritas diriku terhadapmu.

Namun aku tetap tidak suka dengan fakta bahwa perempuan adalah “second sex.”


Tapi aku akan selalu ingat perkataan dosenku yang berkata, “Alasan mengapa Hawa diciptakan adalah karena Adam tidak bisa hidup sendirian.”

Lalu, akhirnya aku berkesimpulan bahwa kita.. perempuan dan laki-laki adalah dua hal yang komplementer. Seharusnya maskulinitas dan feminitas berada di garis yang setara.

Once, my friend said that “You can’t please everyone.”

But, I don’t know it doesn’t work for me. I always see Elmo as my role model in this field.

I don’t know who is Marat Safin, but he says

“I just want to make everyone happy.”

While Elmo has been successful in making everyone happy, I’m just.. trying, trying..